Feather, Leather, & Lace

Good coffee & fast horses


Kay Rae

In my first post I gave you a pretty good idea of who I am and where I am from, so I will keep this short.
I grew up in Rigby, Idaho with my small family of four. My mom, Missy, my dad, Stewart and my little brother, Jordan. Just like other small ranch families we did just about everything together. 
After high school I went to Central Arizona College on a full ride scholarship to rodeo, where I also studied massage therapy. 
I still live in Arizona and love every sunny moment of it. 
My boyfriend and I, Trevor Haught, just recently got engaged! So a fall wedding is in the works, more picutres to come!

What spare time?

Besides riding good horses and doing punchy cowgirl things, I love to make and create just about anything. I get that from my dad. The Schall side of the family seems to always be building or creating something new. In future blogs I will post pictures and maybe little tutorials on my projects. (thank god for pinterest)

Supporting the habit

In all reality we have to work a little bit to support our habits. I have been tending bar for the past 5 years while working on builidng my clientel for massage. I seem to lose interest easily and like to find new ways to make money. I guess you could say I love being a jack of all trades.